Who I am

About me

Brazilian architect with over 15 years of exceptional client care, leading and co-leading 400+ architectural, interior design, and urbanistic projects in commercial and residential domains.

From small renovations to complex billion dollar projects; from modular construction, to advanced digital technologies, to cutting-edge sustainability, Solange Moura is the architect to get you covered.


A world-class architect, with a brazilian mix to spice up your projects.

Your project in good hands

My focus is to design your dreams. My purpose is to delight you with a world-class project. I am a Team player that can work with your team, always with your goal in mind: To deliver your project on time, on budget, and on vision.

Throughout my years as an architect, whether as an autonomous professional or along with my former partners, I have always handled creative processes, client relations, project management, and social media. In my office partnership, I assumed a pivotal role as the trusted client connection and took the lead in delivering presentations and speeches. I was also responsible for site planning across all urbanistic and architectural projects.

I have gained my professional experience and understanding of the marked through hands-on interactions with clients and their needs, getting real-world insights instead of relying solely on courses and titles.

The Brazilian way

Client-centric focused approach, able to deliver fully customized projects

In Brazil, architecture tends to be client focused and is mostly customized. Offices and professionals are adept at handling diverse projects – my own experience included. Embracing new projects often meant researching unfamiliar aspects. That has made me incredibly versatile and prevented me from settling into repetitive solutions.

My Mission

I never stop thinking about reshaping the future of your space


I am a lover of quality, art, beauty, harmony, functionality, captivating ambience, and elegance.

I am driven to keep in touch with the new, staying current with aesthetic styles, social behaviors, and industry trends, while I have always forged my own unique paths.


Most of all, I am a lover of people: their different stories and personalities, their passions, their dreams. I truly enjoy connecting with others and lending a helping hand whenever I can.

Project happiness

Work has always been more than just a job to me. It’s a source of joy and fulfillment. I love what I do, and that translates into the quality of my work.

Meta Skills

  • exceptional communication abilities
  • warm and approachable personality that fosters positive connections
  • strong competencies for reading people
  • skilled at collaborating and leading teams
  • talented in delivering speeches and presentations to diverse audiences
  • outstanding writing aptitudes
  • creative problem solving
  • motivated by challenge
  • versatility, adaptability, reliability, and creativity
  • broad general knowledge, culture, and interests
  • artistic sensitivity
  • fluent in English and Portuguese
  • polished and professional image
  • always ready to learn from others and eager to evolve

Technical Skills

  • client relations expertise
  • architectural and interior design in commercial and residential projects, as well as urbanistic endeavors
  • AutoCad 2D proficiency
  • SketchUp competence
  • strong research aptitude
  • project management
  • topography reading
  • site planning
  • accomplishment in harmonizing aesthetics and ambience with practicality and functionality
  • mastery in translation of clients’ styles and needs into exceptional spaces

Experience & Education Timeline

  • 2022 – present time
    Autonomous architect in the Seattle Area.
  • 2009 – 2021
    Partner architect in Mais Arquitetura 34, office located in Minas Gerais (Brazil), opened by me and another partner architect.
  • 2006 – 2009
    Autonomous architect in Minas Gerais.
  • 1999
    Bachelor’s degree in architecture and urbanism – PUC-MINAS
  • 1993-2003
    English and Portuguese teacher at Berlitz Corporation in Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • 1991-1993
    Economics – UFMG
  • 1990
    Exchange program in Idaho - USA